As I’m sure your life looks too, we have big highs and big lows within the Hearts That Hope family. It is highs like this that gets us through…

Last week we sat down with Zee in our 1 to 1 time, we could sense that she was battling with feeling secure as a member of the Hearts That Hope family.  We told her how much we loved her and how great she was doing at Hearts That Hope. We reassured her that we will always be a family, that she is deep in our hearts. We assured her that we will be here to always fight for her and keep her in our family. The next day her teacher sent me a photo of her creative writing from that day, as I read it it brought tears to my eyes. She wrote a story about a tadpole and frog. 

Title: Boo the tadpole

Author: Zee Zungu

“Beginning the night the frog laid an egg. A tadpole whose name is Boo came out from the egg. His family never liked him so he got adopted be (by) a kind woman. He lived happily ever after. “

It is incredible to see Zee accept us as her family more and more everyday and know that she is loved and she is lovable.