How it all began

When Lyndall and Kent were planning to start their own family, they were also working with disadvantaged and destitute people in the surrounding area, and saw the need to reach out to children who need love, care and safe homes.  In 2012, together with like-minded Christians, they launched Hearts That Hope, to achieve this vision.  

When a needy person stands at your door, God himself stands at his side. 

Hebrew Proverb

Hearts That Hope Today

Our aim has never been to only provide children with a roof over their heads and food in their tummies, but to offer them the same opportunities that our own children have.  Together with tutors and academic supporters and the grace, open hearts and pockets of our community, we encourage each child with private schooling, sports, dancing, music and art.  This is our way of creating equality in South Africa – to uplift and offer them equal chances to have a successful future.

Our Future Plans

Through generous contributions these children are able to live in a beautiful gated estate in Salt Rock. Each house has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open-plan living area and a small garden. This provides the children with a comfortable, homely and safe living environment.

On any afternoon when you visit this home, you will find the children playing a game of cricket, or holding a mini-Olympics, fishing in the dam, taking the dog for a walk, picking berries, riding their bikes and skateboards or completing homework.  Others may be participating in school sports, dancing or art, playing with their dolls house, or going to soccer practise with Kent.  They are living a life that would have been very different if it were not for the support of Hearts That Hope.  

We see many children growing up with limitations because their childhoods were deprived.  We want to raise children to become adults who uplift this country and make it a better place for the glory of God; we want to place them in the best schools possible, to prepare them for future success; to surround them with people who care about their futures, and who have in their hearts the aim to bring more equality to South Africa.