We are so excited that we have a group of men in our community who have volunteered to take our older Hearts That Hope children out one Saturday a month. They are sharing their passion by teaching them how to surf and how to be safe in the ocean. When the children see the surf lesson coming up on their schedules there is a buzz in the house the entire week. When we go out to the beach as a family it gives us such joy to see how they have become more confident when playing in the ocean.

It has been so encouraging to see people in our community getting to share what they love doing with our children. To see men that love to surf not just going out on a Saturday morning to catch a wave for themselves but taking that morning to make memories with our children is the gospel in action. Our children are seeing men and women investing time and energy into them making them feel loved.

We are also so grateful that one of the surfing instructors will also be hosting a surfing competition here in Ballito towards the end of January to raise funds and awareness for our HTH family.

It is so great when you can use what you love and what you’re gifted at for the Glory of God. Even your hobbies can be used not only for self but to give to others that are less fortunate than ourselves.

What can you do with your interest/hobbies to help others in your community?