Every home needs a hero!

One of the most difficult sides of “Hearts that Hope” is keeping our children educated. There is so much pressure on them to perform and for us as parents to keep up with the ever-changing pace of life. We are currently heading into the dreaded exam season; parents and children alike hate to hear EXAMS!!!!

We have 16 children at 9 different schools; most in different grades taking different exams at different times and having to study long hours for each one. Most of our children also have some sort of learning difficulty, whether that’s because they suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome, have an attachment disorder, struggle with autism, or just have something that doesn’t yet have a title in 2022. But we have a hero during times like these!

My wife Lyndall is definitely our exam time hero. She is often seen sitting with all the kids going through mock-up exams that she has sourced from the internet or made up herself. Not only that but she spends hours summarising the work to help the children understand and better retain the information. She invests long hours working with all our children so that they can feel a sense of accomplishment in the world.

We don’t always agree with how much pressure is put on our young children these days, but she puts that aside to make them feel loved and looked after so they can look back when they are older and know that Lyndall did everything she can to help them be the best they can be. 

I am so proud of how she has done this for them. It is also just who she is. She puts in that effort for all the people in her life and will always go the extra mile and usually 2 or 100 extra miles to help someone out. She has a lot of pressure being a mom to 16 children and she makes it happen day after day. There is not much free time when you are a mom to so many. 

Well done Lyndall, we are all proud to call you Mom or Wife or Friend. You are amazing!