It has been another busy month here at Hearts that Hope!

All we can say is that God is Good!

We have never done as much baking, crafting, reading, lego building, car-washing, and hanging out as we have in the past few months! We definitely feel more like a family now than we ever have after all the time that we have spent with each other.

The kids adapt so quickly to changes which challenges us to be more open-minded and free. I look forward to years from now when we sit back and look at this time and hear how it has affected our kids and ourselves.

We are busy putting together all of our child updates to send out to our sponsors, mentors, and donors so keep your eyes peeled on your inbox.

We are so looking forward to sharing with you how they have changed or grown during this time!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for one of our children we would love to hear from you!