2021 has been a year where we learned to adapt to our new normal.

After a year of rest and reflection in 2020, in 2021 we have had to drastically pick up the pace and adapt to our new normal. As well as maintaining our flourishing children’s home we have added to our plate Stock-A-Shop and Ballito Basketball Academy.

Our house-mothers and ourselves have been helping our children to cope with new structures and ways of learning, while we are struggling to do the same things differently.  

Hearts That Hope Children’s home is continuing to tick on, and we are very happy with our progress and with that of our children.

In the first half of this year, Kent was approached by several schools to start coaching basketball.  Since then he has started Ballito Basketball Academy, where he has the opportunity to sow into the lives of children from disparate backgrounds while teaching them skills.  It is also another much-needed source of income for Hearts That Home.

Stock-A-Shop was born out of a need Kent and Lyndall spotted in their neighboring communities after the looting and destruction of Spaza shops in those areas.  They have set up resources that the owners of the shops can access in order to reestablish their businesses and supply goods to the disadvantaged people in the communities.

While our resources have been severely stretched with these added activities, we have appreciated the extra income they have brought, as well as the extension of our name and purpose into the wider community.  

Exams were a crazy time for us, but we are all now enjoying our very welcomed Christmas break.                

Each year as our children grow older our focus changes with the challenges that come with every new stage, and we have learned to adapt to each child’s uniqueness.

Please continue to pray for us and with us as we continue to serve our children and our community. Thank you for your amazing support in 2021.