A peak behind the scenes.

I feel really honored to be writing this blog on behalf of Kent and Lyndall. Things have been a bit overwhelming in the Hearts that Hope family and neither of them managed to get to writing the blog for March.

I jumped at the opportunity because I have so much to say about this loving family!

Every time I go into Hearts that Hope I am greeted with the warmest smiles. Kent and Lyndall have done such a great job in instilling the importance of politeness and respect. Even when the children see me out and about they are happy and polite. And I am not the only one who experiences this! Often we get messages from people in the community commenting on the friendliness of our children.

The house moms are always busy when I arrive. From neatening up their homes to working in the garden or helping one of our homeschoolers. There is a real sense of pride in the ownership that they feel over their homes and their children.

As for Kent and Lyndall… They never cease to amaze me with their tireless efforts in providing the best for their family, the whole Hearts that Hope family. Lyndall is always seated at the kitchen table prepping lessons, doing homework, baking, teaching, coaching, encouraging, the list is endless. And yes sometimes she looks tired but she always has a glint of joy in her eyes.

Kent is either popping in or out of the house coming to and from meetings with people in the community, or sitting on the couch engrossed in a piece of scripture, or working with a child to help them with their school work. When the work is all done Kent is always encouraging some type of outdoor adventure that inevitably involves some type of sport.

Raising 15 children to be strong and independent and have their self-worth routed in the Lord is no small task. The hours and hours of unseen time and attention that goes in behind the scenes leave me exhausted just thinking about it. But every day they get up and do it again! They are my heroes.

The ripple effect of the 15 lives that they are shaping is going to be enormous. The generations of families and countless friendships that will be shaped by their efforts will last long after all their work is done.

It has been such a blessing to be involved in Hearts that Hope. I count it a privilege to have such wonderful people in my life and I am honored to serve them in whatever capacity I can.

Please pray with me for the mom and dad of the home. Please pray for capacity, wisdom, and unending reserves of love for Kent and Lyndall.

Much love,
(a worker bee behind the scenes of Hearts that Hope)