We are living in scary and uncertain times. Despite all the feelings of fear we have a deep-seated faith that God is still in control.

We wanted to take this opportunity to write all that we are grateful for during the current pandemic.

  1. Having to homeschool 15 children all on different academic levels is a real daunting task but we are so grateful for people coming alongside us offering to help the HTH children. Teachers have even offered for our children to call them if they are struggling. 
  2. Before the lockdown, we had several people who made meals for the HTH moms.
  3. Lyndall and I are so grateful for the extra time that we get to spend with the HTH children as we have no meetings or events and the children have no school. The deeper conversations have been such a blessing.
  4. I’m grateful for the slower pace of life-giving families the opportunity to sit and eat together and talk. I love walking around our complex and seeing fathers spend time with their wives and children and not just fill the role of financial provider.
  5. I’m grateful that I can still serve at this time. We have one of the boys from my basketball team living with us during lockdown as his dad passed away 3 weeks ago and mom doesn’t have money to feed her 3 teenage children for all of the lockdown. It’s not easy having someone you don’t know that well during a time when you can’t get away but we feel so blessed to be fortunate enough to have room and funds to be able to have him.
  6. I’m also so proud of our kids so far. We have had a few knocks on our door to tell us how well behaved our children have been the first 3 days of lockdown. Someone even popped by to give us boxes of marshmallow easter eggs just because our children have been so amazing during these times. 
  7. HTH was gifted with a whole bunch of flowers from a supplier who wasn’t able to get rid of them before lockdown so we were able to give everyone in our estate beautiful flowers to put on their table. I’m grateful that even in these hard times God gives more than we need and we can share that with others.

5 days ago we didn’t know how we were possibly going to even get through even the first day of lockdown but as you can read it has been amazing. This whole experience so far has given us the opportunity to assess where our hope lies and to have to just trust God has brought us to our knees.

Just knowing God is in control when the world is falling apart is so comforting to us. Even if we don’t know the future, we know that in the end we will be in heaven with King Jesus and there is nothing better than that.

Please continue to pray for us during this time. Hard days and anxiety will rear their head but pray that peace will reign in our homes and the hearts of all of our children.