What a start to 2020!

We have had huge schooling changes for most of our HTH children to start off the year. In our opinion some of the schools our kids were attending were not the best fit for them individually. After many discussions we decided to look for new schools and took our time to research all the options in order to find the best fit for each child’s needs.

Of the 16 children in HTH and our family; 10 of them started at new schools this January.

Lou, Portia and Noah moved to Game Changers; a new school in a local church. The founder of the school is a play therapist. This is such an advantage when it comes to educating our kids who come from troubled backgrounds. As they have been with us since they were young they can’t fully verbalise their past experiences, but the effects of those hidden stories are visible in their behaviour. A play therapist is the perfect person to help them work this out. 

Ollie and Scelo have started high school at Destiny Life Academy and Northwood respectively. Scelo loves everything about Northwood; from the other students to the war cries and especially that he gets to play basketball and that his dad coaches the 1st team. Each day as we let Ollie out of the car in the parking lot our van is bombarded with fellow students helping her get her bag out of the car and saying hello. We can’t drop her off at school early enough for her liking.

Sonny and Nathi are at a new state of the art school just down the road from us. Eden Academy is smaller than an average main stream school and is focused on catching children up academically. To his great delight, Sonny has already been chosen to be on the swim squad. Last year was a really tough year for Sonny as his relationship with both his peers and his teacher was really strained; so it has been such a joy to see him so excited for school again everyday.

Logistically it can be a nightmare getting our kids to 8 different schools before 7:30 in the morning; as well as trying to collect everyone at different times each day. This is before we have even factored in after school activities, of which there are plenty! But every day we rise to the challenge; so thankful to a God who has answered our prayers so individually for each child in our care.

We encourage you to thank God with us for his provision of schooling for each of our children and please pray with us that our children flourish and find their way in their new schools.