Starting the year with hope.

What a start to the new year. We were blessed with some amazing people coming to us to help pay for our school fees for 2019. We were able to pay almost all of our children’s school fees up front for the whole of 2019… what a blessing. It is such a huge stress off of Lyndall and I as we move forward into the year and can focus more on the raising of our children and house mothers on a day to day level and not worry about the school fees at the end of the month. 

We also got some amazing news, but sad for us. Baby Rae who has been with us over a year now has gone back to be with her mom and her mother’s family. There were some huge tears in HTH for a couple days after she left. Cale was super close to her and misses her so much. It is always so hard to let a child go that you have put so much time and energy and love into. But saying that there also comes an element of our faith that we have to trust God that he has a perfect plan that is much better than ours and doesn’t look perfect to us and our worldly standards.

We think of money and comfort and education and base all our plans on that wisdom which doesn’t necessarily come from the word of God. Thanks to God that he is bigger than all those things and in complete control and can see the WHOLE picture of life outside or our time constraints. We trust and pray Baby Rae will have a life full of a LOVE FOR GOD.

Thank you for always praying for us and with us, your support helps us to stay strong.

Please email us if you would like any information on our kids or if you would like to partner with us financially.