We are entering a new phase in Hearts That Hope this 2019 as two of our children (S’celo and Ollie) are in their final year of primary school and next year will be starting high school. Being an American living in South Africa this process is something that is completely foreign to me. 

In America children automatically move from their towns middle school to their towns high school. But that does not happen here in South Africa. Finding a high school in South Africa is the equivalent to trying to find a College/University in America for your child. 

So this past month I have been visiting High schools in our area trying to find the right fit for our children. Each school puts on their best, telling me everything they have to offer and how I can trust my child is going to reach his/her full potential at their school. 

It can all be a little overwhelming for someone from another country who doesn’t know the school system or the history of each school, coupled with only knowing S’celo and Ollie for 4 years. However, we do know that God is in control and we try to look for His wisdom as we make these decisions for our children’s future. We fully believe that they will become passionate adults who are committed to making a positive change in South Africa.