2019 At A Glance

Christmas time is our favourite time of the year here at Hearts that Hope. It’s such a fun time of celebration and joy with year end parties and Christmas concerts. Our kids are easily swept up in the joy of the season and singing and dancing become second nature in our homes. The kids all […]

October 2019

One of the hardest things to balance in running an orphanage and being a foster parent is learning how to deal with blood family.  Naturally children want to know where they come from and why they don’t have their mom and dad or grandparents around like others in the schools and social settings they are a […]

August 2019

After living and working in 3rd world countries for over 15 years now, I have come to see that the most valuable tool for change in a country is education. I feel so blessed by the education I got in the USA, at a free government school, that I want to be part of change here in SA in any […]

October 2018

We are so excited that we have a group of men in our community who have volunteered to take our older Hearts That Hope children out one Saturday a month. They are sharing their passion by teaching them how to surf and how to be safe in the ocean. When the children see the surf […]

September 2018

As I’m sure your life looks too, we have big highs and big lows within the Hearts That Hope family. It is highs like this that gets us through… Last week we sat down with Zee in our 1 to 1 time, we could sense that she was battling with feeling secure as a member […]

May 2018

On a more personal note… The last six months of my life have probably been the most trying time in my Christian walk. I know deep down that God works all things out for the good of those who follow him, but over this period I’ve been struggling to see His hand. I feel as […]