October 2020

We had one of the best weeks at Hearts that Hope… Keep reading to find out why! What an adventure COVID 19 has been. I didn’t actually think it would last as long as it has. This past month hasn’t been easy for all our children. Not getting much outside interaction besides school has left […]

September 2020

Have you seen Zee and her sewing machine? Read on about this story of paying it forward. I’m sure that you would have seen the picture of Zee and her sewing machine on our social media recently. We wanted to share all the behind the scenes stories that made this moment possible and to send […]

July 2020

A heart full of thanks! We just want to send a quick thank you to all our supporters over this unsettling time.  Everyone has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in some way or another over the 2020 year. Here at HTH, it has been no different. Trying to keep up with school over the […]

June 2020

It has been another busy month here at Hearts that Hope! All we can say is that God is Good! We have never done as much baking, crafting, reading, lego building, car-washing, and hanging out as we have in the past few months! We definitely feel more like a family now than we ever have […]

May 2020

We made it through another month of lockdown so we thought we would have some fun and do a Q&A session with some of our children. Cale How many days have we been on lockdown? 42 days What words would you use to describe lockdown so far? Love it!!! No School What do you miss most? I miss […]

April 2020

We have officially been in lockdown now for 5 weeks and I have to say that I almost can’t believe we have made it. The children have for the most part adapted really well to their new reality. That’s not to say that we haven’t had our moments of boredom and frustration. But again, I […]

March 2020

We are living in scary and uncertain times. Despite all the feelings of fear we have a deep-seated faith that God is still in control. We wanted to take this opportunity to write all that we are grateful for during the current pandemic. Having to homeschool 15 children all on different academic levels is a […]

February 2020

One of my highlights for the past year has been getting involved in basketball again for the first time in 15 years. I decided to approach Northwood High School in Durban to see if they wanted help with their basketball program which had been neglected up until then.  Since hiring me and 1 other coach […]

January 2020

What a start to 2020! We have had huge schooling changes for most of our HTH children to start off the year. In our opinion some of the schools our kids were attending were not the best fit for them individually. After many discussions we decided to look for new schools and took our time […]

2019 At A Glance

Christmas time is our favourite time of the year here at Hearts that Hope. It’s such a fun time of celebration and joy with year end parties and Christmas concerts. Our kids are easily swept up in the joy of the season and singing and dancing become second nature in our homes. The kids all […]