“Thumbs up all the way to high school”

A couple months back we wrote about S’celo and Ollie getting ready for high school and trying to find the best fit for them. 

For S’celo there is no high school in our area that we felt fit him and as he has flourished at Umhlali Prep School (a mainstream Model C school) for the past 4 years we started looking into the Durban North area for a similar school. After some visits we found the perfect fit for him at Northwood Boys High School. The problem though was that it was a little too expensive and the extra money needed to commute that far each day put it out of our budget completely; but we decided to go forward and apply and see if we could work those things out. By the goodness of God he has been accepted and there have been some amazing people in our community that have offered to help him with some of his school fees. We are still looking for more sponsorship for him but we know this is where he is going to be going next year and are so excited for him as Northwood is his #1 choice. 

As for Ollie we have more amazing news. Last week she went for an interview at Destiny Life Academy- a private christian high school with a strong arts and drama feel and the next day they sent us a letter confirming her acceptance for 2020. We are so excited for her as she will be able to pursue the arts as she longs to. 

What an exciting time for both Scelo and Ollie as they both got accepted into the school we felt was best for them and it was their #1 school of choice as well. The high schools are a little more expensive than Umhlali Prep but we know God is in control and we are excited to see how He will work it all out. Our God is faithful!

If you feel as if you would like to contribute towards either S’celo or Ollie’s education for next year we would love to hear from you!